Are you a road-tripper, a US travel nut, a writer extraordinaire, an RV aficionado? We want you to share your stories of life on the road in this magnificent country; drop us a line and show us your stuff!

Writers and photographers will be paid a flat rate of $200 per article/photo essay subject to acceptance for publication. Not only that, but you'll also be able to bask in the glory of seeing your name in print!

* Please note that due to the volume of submissions we receive, only submissions that we would like to follow up for publication will receive a response. *

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We're looking for stories of people who have ditched the ordinary for the extraordinary – what makes you stand out?
What's something that you think the new breed of RVers and vanlifers would like to read about/see in pics? How will you present this story or these photos? Please be specific; we want an article/photo essay pitch that is thoroughly thought out. Choose one or two stories that you want to tell, and give us a summary that shows us what the story/ies will look like.
If you're a published writer or photographer, we'd love to see what you can do! Include links so we can check you out!