Expect the unexpected

When you’ve made the decision to live the RV life (high five, by the way!), you’ll likely have a bunch of ideas about what you’ll get out of the experience. Part of the beauty of RVing, though, is that you can’t possibly predict what’s going to happen, or how you’ll feel about it.

On the road with photographer and full-timer Mandy Lea

Some people take to the road simply to travel; to see previously unseen places. For many, life on the road goes beyond that. Photographer Mandy Lea has been on the road in her teardrop trailer for six months, and is on a journey of self-discovery, happiness and inspiration—and, of course, she's constantly amazed by the country that she gets to travel. 

ROVA's holiday buyers' guide

Whether you're a shopper or not, chances are you'll wake up sometime after Christmas surrounded by receipts, gift wrap and food crumbs, and your credit card will be a smoldering piece of plastic on the floor next to you. 

Is this the Apple of the RV world?

You might not think that this post, which concerns a super-luxury RV that costs more than a pretty penny, is something that we at Rova would usually do – we're often posting about humble set-ups and RV renos. We millennials, however, are nothing if not innovative, and if you want to see real innovation in the RV industry, read on.