Is this the Apple of the RV world?

You might not think that this post, which concerns a super-luxury RV that costs more than a pretty penny, is something that we at Rova would usually do – we're usually posting about humble set-ups and RV renos. We millennials, however, are nothing if not innovative, and if you want to see real innovation in the RV industry, read on. 

The Marchi eleMMent motorhome is a fascinating vehicle that rejects all traditional notions of what a motorhome should look like, drive like, and behave like. If you were to see it driving towards you, you’d be forgiven for thinking, just for a moment, that a space ship had landed. Its bold design features a round front windscreen mounted into what looks like a truck cab. Its other portholes are similarly unique – ovals running along the side of the RV like an airplane’s windows.

The interior is just as incredible, with no expense spared to create a modern, luxurious interior unlike anything you’ve seen in an RV. There’s a master suite with a bed fit for a queen – literally; this is the same brand of bed atop which the British royal family rests. There’s a breakfast bar, flat screen TVs, ambient lighting, and two state-of-the-art audio systems.

On top of that, the eleMMent was created with environmental concerns front of mind; the brand is dedicated to leaving as small a footprint on the earth as possible.

Of course, all of this comes with a very hefty price tag – the base model is $1.4 million. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it – so we spoke with the CEO of Marchi Mobile, Mr Mario Marchi, about why now is the time for such a different motorhome, and the passion for travel that inspired his vision.

The Marchi eleMMent almost defies classification – would you call this a class A motorhome, or something different? 

It for sure fulfills everything and more that customers would expect from a class A motorhome. But it is also true that we always say that we usher in a new era of luxury mobility that has yet to be classified. Our products, just like our customers, are not designed to be classified and to fit in – but rather to stand out.

The brand is set to shake up the RV industry. What do you think is important in a motorhome for today’s RVers? 

Today more than ever, it is important to truly create a ‘home away from home’ with all the amenities and, above all, the latest technologies. The RV industry was lacking innovations – not only in terms of design, but moreover in terms of the integration of features and technologies that make the customers’ lives easier, more enjoyable and safer. We have a focus on always staying up to date with that; for example, with a remote-service assistant that gives us access to all of the main functions of the vehicle, and ensures that our customers can connect with the factory directly and immediately solve almost all problems in the unlikely event of technical failure.

What would younger travelers get out of a vehicle like the eleMMent? 

Above all, fun! The driving experience is one-of-a-kind; also, our floor plans are designed for you to have a great time in a modern environment that does not lack any comfort. Features like the latest media installations, reference-class speakers, the roof terrace, and our lifestyle floor plan are ideal for trips with friends. The eleMMent just gives the RV experience a new, fresh twist, and does not compare to the old-fashioned way of traveling in standard vehicles. 

The important points that Marchi makes about the eleMMent are that it is about freedom, lifestyle, wanderlust and nature – things that are also of great importance to us at Rova. How does your motorhome provide those things?  

We took the freedom to reinvent mobile living and give it a touch of lifestyle with our design approach. This will make it more attractive for people other than just the classic RV buyers to explore nature. My personal wanderlust has also had a great influence on our products. I enjoy mobility in all elements – flying, boating and racing – and therefore we combined characteristics of everything I am passionate about into one vehicle.

You also strive for aerodynamics and eco-friendliness. Why is this so important to Marchi? 

True luxury for me means to have the time to explore pure and unspoiled nature; therefore, above all, it is a personal matter for me. Playing an active part in making a difference for our planet makes me proud. The desire for constant change and the courage for the extraordinary characterizes us. We’re ahead of our time; we strive to set new standards in the automotive world and to create outstanding solutions [that are unique].

Where do you see the future of RVs and motorhomes heading? 

I hope that with a fresh breeze in the industry, even more people will discover the beauty of mobile living and therewith appreciate our planet even more. My vision is a trend in the RV industry towards sustainable production and finding green solutions. Also, the courage to create something new and more individual will soon become a topic for the manufacturers. Customers have rising expectations in that area.

You’ve been compared to Apple with regard to your innovation in RVing. Why is that, do you think? 

Creating something that is new to the world is always an incalculable risk, and involves tremendous groundwork that will cost a lot of money. Therefore, not many companies will take that path. On the other hand, this is how product evolution occurs. We simply were brave enough to launch a product that is different to everything else on the market – just like Apple did.

Check out this video of the eleMMent hitting the road – looks like it'd be fun to drive! 

Gemma Peckham