What we learnt at America's Largest RV Show

Rova headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania on the weekend to visit America’s Largest RV Show. We checked out the new RVs on the market, and got some insight into what’s happening in the industry at the moment. We learnt some very valuable (and some less valuable) things while we were there: 

1.     The RV community is a friendly bunch!

2.     There seem to be lot more young RVers these days. We saw plenty of millennials and Gen Xers at the show, which we think is a really great sign for the future of RVing (and for Rova!). 

3.     There needs to be an interior design upgrade for RVs. They’re all undoubtedly of great quality, but most RVs are still stuck in the 1980s in terms of design, with dark wood, thick carpet and jacquard curtains. Where’s the birch, the white cabinets, the minimalist approach?

4.     Speaking of great design, Airstreams are just really freakin’ awesome, aren’t they? Especially the brand-new Basecamp, which had pride of place at the Airstream display area.

5.     You can’t eat the display bread in the RV kitchens.  

6.     Class A motorhomes are actually insane. Marble floors? Check. Three TVs? Check. Leather recliners with drink holders? Uh, check!

7.     You can get a National Parks version of Monopoly, for those of us who would prefer to spend time in nature than to bulldoze it and cover it in hotels.

8.     Tiny homes are really, really amazing (wine fridge, anyone?)

9.     There are SO MANY people in the RV community – 20,000 people came out to the show on Saturday alone.

10.  If you wear an exercise tracker to an RV show, you’ll rack up a gazillion steps in no time. 

There you have it. A very quick recap of our time in Hershey. We'd love to hear from any of you who were there – what you thought, what your travel plans are, if you bought a new RV, how the funnel cake was... tell us all about it!