Five great reasons to take an RV trip

So you’ve got some vacation time coming up, and you’re trying to figure out how to spend it. Can we make a suggestion? Great. Hire an RV! Need more convincing? OK, here are five pretty persuasive arguments for an RV holiday. 

No baggage limits, no security checkpoints, no customs line, no airplanes. Point made. 

If you travel by bus, train or plane, chances are you don’t get a say in detours, stops or itineraries. With an RV, you’re your own tour guide; see something whizz past the window that you want to take a longer look at? No problem. Find a town that you never knew existed, but now it’s your favorite place ever? Stay there! You can choose the tunes, temperature, route and passenger(s), RV master. Your vacation is yours to do with what you choose. 

You work incredibly hard for your dollars – probably so you can spend them on things like vacations. So, making them go further is a no-brainer, right? Airfares can be expensive, and when you add hotels and eating out to the tab, you’re up for a hefty sum. RVs are your hotel on wheels; all you pay is a fee at an RV park, but only sometimes, as many of them are free. Factor in home-cooking to save money on meals, and low gas prices, and it’s almost like you’re being paid to travel! (OK, that might be embellishing the truth, but it’s CHEAP!)

Sure, some hotels are right in the thick of the action – on the main street, or right on the beach – but RV parks often have comparable locations with amazing views and easy access to sights and scenes. Take the Grand Canyon, for example – you can walk from the RV park to the South Rim in no time – it’s much closer than some of the hotel options that are available, and you can get up early and beat the tour crowds. 

No, not the bom-chicka type of romance (but hey, sure!); we’re talking about the poetry of the open road. Walt Whitman wrote, ‘Afoot and lighthearted, I take the open road / healthy, free, the road before me.’ Then there’s that little-known classic called On the Road, or maybe Fear and Loathing is more your style? Whatever your tastes, it has to be said that the romance of America’s roads has inspired many of our great poets, authors and songwriters. There’s something incredibly personal about a road trip – yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s about the journey, both in a literal and a more figurative, intimate sense. So… get your motor running and hit the road, Jack. Or, if modern music is more your style, shut up and drive. 

Road trip, RVsGemma Peckham