Hello Rova

Have you ever noticed that there are plenty of RV and road trip magazines around, but that they all offer the same old format with the same old content? 

Rova is a new style of RV publication, acknowledging the new school of road trips. We know that not everyone in an RV is retired (although there's nothing wrong with that!). We know that sometimes, the most desirable workplace is an RV kitchen table with a view of the ocean. We know that many of you travel more for the experience than the sights you see; that wellness can be achieved through connecting with nature and the world around you; and that RVs can provide an amazing vacation, home, or journey of self-discovery to every single one of us. 

Rova is about connecting you with the road, taking you to all of the places in North America that you can reach on four wheels, and encouraging you to get behind the wheel, roll down the window and feel the breeze as you go in search of... whatever it is you're searching for! 

In the pages of Rova, you'll find stories from the road, interviews with permanent RVers, stunning photo essays, in-depth destination discoveries, driving mix tapes, tips for working on the road, tips for NOT working on the road, tips for traveling with kids, product guides, surprising facts, and so much more. 

We know that if you're someone who loves to explore this vast continent, you'll also quickly become someone who loves to read Rova. And that's a whole lot of love.