RVs are super cool

There’s a stigma that’s been attached to RVs for a long time – that they are the vehicle of choice solely for older travelers, and are full of vinyl recliners, 1980s décor and groups of blue-rinsed ladies playing bridge.

Au contraire! RVs are way cool. Please, allow us to explain why:

  • RVs are designed for travel. If you’re reading this and you don’t think travel is cool, I think you may have arrived at the wrong page.
  • RVs have plenty of space – take your record player, dog, yoga mat, surfboard, bike and artwork with you.
  • Fridge. Beer.
  • Your RV is a home on wheels, whether you’re a part-time RVer or on the road full time. You can go anywhere, any time. That’s called freedom, and freedom is WAY cool.
  • You can grab a juice and some leftover pizza from the fridge while your travel partner’s behind the wheel.
  • You learn to live with the essentials – anything that’s not essential, you leave behind, making you a less materialistic person. Which is cool, unless you’re Madonna.
  • There’s a toilet that nobody has sat on unless you’ve allowed it.
  • With wi-fi available in most parks, and most RVs having enough space for a small desk setup, if your work is flexible you can work remotely, earning money while you travel. Dream.
  • It’s different. Your friends are vacationing in luxury resorts or living in condos with huge mortgages. You’re the interesting, quirky one who goes against the grain.
  • There are some extra-rad RVs coming onto the market now, with retro good looks and modern interiors that are fully equipped for the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • You can be you in an RV. And there’s nothing cooler than you.